Welcome to PendEl

Pendulum Electromagnetics, Inc. (PendEl) designs and manufactures high power, CW and pulse traveling wave tubes (TWT). A TWT is a broadband microwave vacuum tube used as a power amplifier for both commercial and military applications. These applications range from electromagnetic compatibility testing and communications to electronic warfare and radar threat simulation. In addition, PendEl offers services for customized high-power microwave testing, and microwave tube repair.

Our highly experienced staff use sophisticated computer modeling and modern fabrication techniques to design, manufacture, and test TWTs covering 0.5-18.0 GHz with a variety of output power levels up to two kilowatts CW (Note our present catalog is L-Band but will be expanding in the near future). PendEl's unique, brazed-block helix support technology is unparalleled in its thermal and power handling characteristics making PendEl TWTs extremely rugged and reliable.

PendEl's facility is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, near RDU International Airport and Research Triangle Park.

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